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Labouchere system

Labouchere betting technique is one of the most advanced and complex form of roulette betting technique. This technique is even used on equal basis or the winning with this strategy has a probability of 50:50. In this betting strategy; you are required to formulate a line of numerical and bet according to that numeric line. The line can be of your own choice; we will use the example of line containing number from 1 to 4.

Learning Labouchere

For example: you have selected a line containing numbers from 1 to 4. The numerical in the line are representing a betting unit. Betting unit refers to minimum allowed bet on table. If the minimum bet on table is $5; every betting unit contains a value of $5. Our line shows that the 1 represents $5 and 4 represent $20. To start betting; you have to add the initial number of the line with the ending number. The first numerical of our labouchere line is 1 and the last numerical is 4. When we add 1 and 4; our betting units total to 5 units and we bet $25 in cash.

If you loose the above stated bet; you make a new Labouchere line. In the new line we add the units we waged in our first bet. Now our new line starts from 1 and ends at 5. Now we add the first and the last number of the line and our new betting units equal to 6 units and in value we bet $30.

If we win the initial bet we cancel out the numbers used in the labouchere line; the new line is X 2 3 X. Next we add the remaining two numbers and our betting units equal to 5 and the value is $25. If we win this bet; the entire line is completed and then we form a new line to continue playing.

Logic of Labouchere

The ideology behind this form of roulette betting system is that after we have completed the first line; the total of our winning units is equal to the total of our labouchere line. For example; the total of our line is $10 units and if one units equal to $5; the total winning stands at $50. The best thing about using this betting system is that you can create a laboucere betting line of your own choice. To create a short and aggressive betting line you can choose betting numbers include: 4 to 10. The shorter the line, the higher the risk of loosing so beginners should create labouchere line with small units.

Whether you choose to play with labouchere betting technique or any other technique; you should always keep an eye on your risk.

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