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Fibonacci system

There are different betting strategies for the game of roulette. Fibonacci is one of the best betting strategies of roulette. It consists of a sequence of number starting with 1-1-2-3-5-8. Fibonacci sequence has a huge history; this sequence was formulated during 13th century and people believe that this sequence of numbers can happen in any situation of life. The sequence ends at 275 and starts with 1.

Calculation methodology

Calculation methodology of the Fibonacci sequence is very simple; you just have to add the first two numbers and you get the next number. For example: 1+1 is equal to 2 and 2 is the next number of Fibonacci sequence. Other calculations include: 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8 and 5+8=13.

Fibonacci Usage

Fibonacci sequence is even utilized in the game of roulette; it is less expensive than the Martingale betting system; but the game becomes very dry by using this system. This is because that the pot of the bets do not increase as the number of games you play increase. But you have to play many rounds before you average out.

The betting system of Fibonacci is similar to martingale betting system. If you loose the first round; you have to increase size of bet in the next round. The difference is that you do not double the bet; you follow the sequence of Fibonacci numbers. For example: begin by waging one unit. If you loose; bet three units and so on.

Another difference between the martingale betting system and Fibonacci betting system is; you do not end the game as soon as you win the round. Instead of quitting; you cancel out the two used numbers and use the new numbers. For example: if you win the bet on 13 units; you have to cancel out 8 and 13. The next bet will be on five units; if you win this you cancel out 3 and 5. Your last bet is on 2 units.


There are many similarities between the martingale betting system and Fibonacci betting system. A time will come when you will be forced to discontinue betting either by your own bank or by the casino. Using this system is very challenging; though it can be dry as the betting numbers do not increase at a fast pace. You can easily win big if you follow the rules of playing with this betting system.

Whether you play with Martingale or Fibonacci, you should have a huge bankroll because you might have to play lot of rounds to average out. It is even advised to visit a casino that does not stop their players from continue playing and who provide bonuses to their members.

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