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Problem Gambling

Problem with gaming

Ludomania or problem gambling is an urge to play gambling games although the player has experienced losses due to gambling. There are two states of problem gambling; in one state the gambler feels the urge to gamble although he has witnessed other gamblers making huge losses and another state of this problem is when the gambler himself has faced a loss and still wants to play more.

The psychological association of America has denied the face that this disease is an addiction. Psychological techniques are used to solve this health issue.

Definition and symptoms

According to an Australian research; problem gambling refers to ones ability to leave gambling although he or she had already experienced heavy losses. Some research even states that problem gambling can take place by playing any form of gambling game. The symptoms shown by a problem gambler include: The patient has constant thoughts about previously played games or experience of future games, the patient wants to bet more even he has lost a lot, the patient becomes restless if tries to reduce gambling has been conducted, the patient gambles in order to escape problems.

Other symptoms include: the patient tries to win back the lost amount by waging more; the patient might even try to recover lost money through illegal activities and the patient tries to get financial aid from family and friends.

Other control problems

According to research; this disease has many similarities to other diseases such as: trichotillomania, pyromania and kleptomania. Other cognitive diseases that result in impulse control disorder include: schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder.

Researchers are spending ample amount of time on researching on the topic of problem gambling; they have even stated that problem gambling can lead to other psychiatric issues including: anxiety, personality issues, and substance abuse and mood issues. As the patient keeps on loosing and falls into the trouble of debt; he uses different methods to solve this issue. These include: drugs sale and theft. The patient ends up doing so because of excessive pressure from loan sharks and bookies.

People suffering from problem gambling fail to maintain peaceful and happy family life. According to a research conducted in 1991 about 10 percent of the people suffering from compulsive gambling marry two to three times in their lives. The patient even starts abusing family members. According to a research; if a problem gambler is not provided aid at early stage he might end up committing suicide. Researches even show that older people who are facing the issue of problem gambling end up committing suicide.

One should not take gambling very serious and should not turn it into a business; gambling should only be done for the purpose of entertainment.

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