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Online Roulette Cheating

cheating in roulette

Cheating in roulette77 game is near to impossible. There are instances when claims of cheating taking place have been recorded. Roulette players have utilized different tactics to gain a competitive advantage. In this writing you will learn about different cheating techniques used by players to play the game in an unfairly manner. These techniques are banned in casinos; one should avoid using such techniques as usage might result in permanent ban from casinos.

Controlling ball landing

According to certain experienced roulette table dealers; the landing of the ball can be predicted. This is possible because they have a lot of experience of winning the wheel and are now able to pre-identify the result. Instances of such happening have never been recorded but experience can be really helpful. If you have assistance of such an experienced dealer; you can easily win huge amount of money.

Sector targeting

There have been much advancement in technology and cheating methods have changed. The latest form of cheating in the game of roulette is sector targeting. Sector targeting is referred to a computer application that can be connected to a mobile phone. This program helps in identifying the deceleration of the roulette wheel. This way you can determine the sector; the ball is going to fall on. This application does not help you in identifying the correct sector; still it is very helpful.

Few years back; this method was utilized and the cheater made $1,700,000 as profit. The users of this method were allowed to keep the winning amount even they were caught; this is because UK's laws do not prohibit this kind of cheating method. The application is very hard to locate. According to a research the application is available at $1,800.

Online cheating in roulette

The research states that no one can cheat in roulette if played online as there is no real dealer and every thing is computerized. Although you can cheat in online live form of roulette as a human dealer is involved in the game. You can take help from an experienced dealer and identify the landing of the ball. You can even bribe the dealer and inform him that you are playing in the game and cheat with his aid.

Some online live dealer roulette casinos allow the usage of code; these codes can be a sequence of betting amount or codes used during chat. Once the dealer has the affirmation that you have joined the table and you are playing; the dealer and you can join hands and win huge amount of money. Another way of cheating online can be hacking of the application; hacking is extremely difficult and illegal. The methods stated above should be avoided.

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