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Roulette Strategies

strategies in roulette

The most important thing one should know about Roulette strategies is that there is no strategy which can make a player beat the casino, but it doesn't mean that one should not use some Roulette strategy at all as using strategies usually increases one's chances of winning. And also there is no need to buy Roulette strategies in book stores and on the web. It is simply waste of time and money. As a rule, free Roulette strategies are more effective. So, you can choose an advanced Roulette strategy for yourself.

Pivot Roulette System

Playing Roulette online every player has a list of all numbers that came out. And playing Roulette game in land based casino one will be supplied with the pat and the pencil. This system infers that a player should take note and review all numbers that come out twice in succession; the first number that repeats is the "pivot" number. The next step is to bet on this very number during 36 spins; one should continue to bet until wins or loses all 36 spins.

Advanced D'Alembert Roulette System

This system requires a player to intercalate one unit to the next bet after a loss, and subtract after a win. D'Alembert system provides not so many chances to win really big money like Martingale Roulette system, but the advantage is that it is not so risky.

Andruchi Roulette System

This system is similar to the Pivot Roulette system. The fundamental aspect of the Andruchi Roulette is that a player should record all the numbers which came out in a short term (30 spins). When playing online Roulette the best options are to make bets on even money during those 30 spins (while recording the results) or simply play free Roulette.

There are a lot of other popular and effective Roulette systems:

So, read the information about all these systems and choose the most suitable for you.

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