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Privacy Policy

We can collect non-identifying and non-personal information for every of our visitors and this collection is not dependent on the geographical region and browser type. We collect the personal information only when the visitor wants to have our newsletter and other mailing service and we only collect the email id as the personal information. If the information is needed will be requested to the visitor and if you do not want provide the information you can contact us about the use and effectiveness of your information. You can also visit our website namelessly if you want so.

We will only use the information to understand your experiment to send you our promotions and other features information and to send our periodic notices or emails. When you use your email address to get the newsletter, we will use only the email id to send regular mails and information, we never use your email id to send illegal and information that is not important to you. We never use your email id for marketing purpose and if you ever want to unsubscribe from the offer then you can unsubscribe from this offer from our subscription page of the website.

We use the cookies to get your information and these cookies never get any personal information from your computer. We just use the cookies for remembering and we just learn to save the preference for your future visit for commenting and putting ratings for any of the service of our website. We never share these cookies to our partners who use to be the third party of our website by placing ads; they usually use different cookies for their own. You can block our cookies to not get your information by changing the settings of your browser and most of the browsers support this offer.

We never trade or sell of your personal information and we also never transfer this information to a third party for any business or marketing purpose.

We include ads and links of many other websites and each of these websites have different privacy policies to use their services. We will not be responsible for the contents and services of these websites. We will not take the responsibility for these websites and we will never recommend you to use their services, we just use their ads for business purpose only.

While you are using our website, it will make your approval for this privacy policy and if we make changes to our privacy policy then we will publish the changes on this webpage.

Terms and Conditions

We do not do the publicity underage gambling, illegal gambling on the website, we also do not make people to do gamble from any restricted region where gambling is illegal. We use all our information to help about knowing online gambling to our visitors but not make them to use the gambling and we will not be responsible for your actions. If any of the ads links of our website contains illegal information we will not be responsible for that. If you make any loss or damage then you can not ask us to repay for the damages. While using our website, you allow the terms and conditions that you have legal age to gamble and your area is legalizing for usual gambling on the online casinos.

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