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martingale system

The Martingale betting system is used in the game of roulette. This betting system is designed in accordance to the wagers that pay evenly. Due to this; the betting system is associated with Black or Red bet in roulette. The betting system is very easy to use and its results are very healthy. This is why beginners of roulette game; love using this system.

Understanding the strategy

In this betting strategy; the winner gets back the amount he has lost on every bet. This is done by doubling the bet on each game. To understand the betting system we will take an example: Fantasize that you have bet $2; if you win you get $4. If you loose the bet; you will double the amount of the initial bet. Now you will bet $ 4; your total wager amount equals to $6 and if you win this round you will gain $8.

This will result in a profit of $2. Winning any amount at any investment seems very viable. If you loose this bet then you will have to bet once again and this type you will bet an amount of $8. If you win this round; you win $16 and your accumulated winning amount is still $2. If you keep playing with this strategy for more rounds; you will win only $2. So it is not worth to invest huge amount of money and win only $2.

The player have to keep playing until he ends up covering his loss and making a profit of $2; this seems to be a foolish strategy at that time. Still if you are able to cover the investment after playing many rounds; you might not make a huge loss.

Beginner's perception:

Some beginners believe that if the ball has landed for many times in the black sector; the probability of the ball landing in the red sector is very high. There is no association between this strategy and the Martingale betting strategy. But novice gamblers have given more importance to this strategy and they have ignored the martingale betting system.

There is a difference between roulette and blackjack; the wheel and the ball have no memory and the probability of a result appearing is not available. When ever the dealer spins the wheel; the probability of the ball lending in black or red sector is equal. One should concentrate on playing with the martingale strategy as it has been used for many years.

You have to play safe when you are gambling; you should always keep an eye on your risk. In martingale betting system; the entire bankroll can be washed up and there is no benefiting of winning small amount of money over a huge investment.

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