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Stages of gambling addiction

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A lot of people visit the casino, weather it is land-based or online. Some of the players improve their skills with the aim of winning money, but the majority of people go to the casino for entertainment. Of course, casino allures players with its jackpots and excitement; players enjoy the thrill of risk and adrenaline during the game. Unfortunately, some players give way to the negative side of gambling.

Gambling addiction

Some people addicted to alcohol, some to drugs, but some, and a lot of, become addicted to gambling. Like all addictions gambling can ruin a person's life.

Gambling addiction starts as any other addiction. People who play some strategic games are tend to progress more slowly in comparison with those who play such games like Slots, Video Poker, etc.

Gambling addiction has 3 stages:

  • The Winning Stage

    The winning stage is considered to be fun and harmless, but a person begins to play casino games more often. Gambling becomes a part of a person's life. He/she starts to talk about gambling experience. The main problem is that during this stage nobody from the person's milieu can see this very addiction.

  • The Losing Stage

    During this stage problems become more obvious for both addict and his milieu and there are no more fun and casino euphoria. The addict spends more and more time in casino, loans money and tries to back all losses. Gambling starts to be an obsession. This stage is usually recognizable by people, but still, in some cases, it can be overlooked by person's family and friends who, as a rule, don't suspect anything.

  • The Depression Stage

    During this stage the addict feels a depression over financial pressure but continues to gamble. Later, he/she becomes completely isolated from the family, friend and so on. This stage is the most dangerous because addict can try to commit a crime or to steel. Statistics says that about 1/3 of addicts attempt consider suicide.

Help for Gambling Addictions

There are a lot of treatment centers which specialize on gambling addiction problems. Also there are free Addiction Help Lines. The most important thing is to notice that someone from your family or friends needs help and do all necessary for getting out this problem.

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