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Roulette Movies

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Roulette is a traditional and classy game. The movies made on this topic are very classy. When ever you hear about casinos; your mind starts thinking about the game of roulette. A lot of books and movies have been dedicated to this great game. These movies and books concentrate on different betting strategies of roulette and one can learn to play as a champion from these movies.

13 (2010)

Recently a movie named 13 was made on the topic of gambling. In this movie the protagonist; working as an electrician in a house follows instruction written on a piece of paper. He did not know that these instructions will take him to a place where men gamble on lives of other men. The movie shows: that the protagonist comes from a family, who are facing financial issues. He is working at a house as an electrician; during that tenure his boss dies and he becomes aware of the fact that he will not be paid for his job.

He follows instructions stated in a letter; this letter was received by his boss through mail. Since the letter has arrived; his boss has been talking about getting paid a huge lump sum of amount. By following the instructions he reaches in a setting where men bet on the death of other men. He is even representing a gambler; the game they play involves shooting men; who are representing other gamblers. The game has four rounds and in the final round the protagonist lives and his competitor dies from his bullet.

The movie is quite dry in the beginning; but later the movie becomes very interesting. When the game is over; the protagonist is a completely changed person and he was rewarded with huge sum of money. This movie is especially made for gamblers who love excitement and have the ability to bet handsome amount of money. 13 is the number provided to the protagonist and the gamblers believed that the number is very unlucky.

Tricheurs (1983)

This movie is based on two compulsive gamblers. They meet on the island of Madeira in Portuguese and they fall in love. They decide to cheat in game of roulette. The professional gambler's role is played by Jacques Dutronc and his partner is BulleOgier.

Essential Roulette (2006)

This movie informs you about all the facts of the roulette game. This movie shows you the strategies, the basics and the skills needed to play the game.

Fun to Know Casino Games (2005)

Another educational movie which informs its viewers about major games played at casinos. Beginners should watch the video and gain professional advice and play accordingly. This movie consists of games including: blackjack, roulette and craps.

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